Uncomplicated ADHD Testing

Would you like objective and definitive information to determine whether your (or your child’s) difficulty with focus and organization is due to ADHD?


We are now providing “uncomplicated” ADHD testing with the sole purpose to rule out ADHD. 

Uncomplicated ADHD testing is abbreviated from the full battery of neuropsychological testing (which is also available and requires six hour of patient testing) but designed for those not expected to have other complications such as mood disorders, head injury, questions about autism spectrum, dementia, or learning disorders.  Testing is available for children and adults.

What do we offer?

“Uncomplicated”ADHD Testing

  • Objective ADHD tests based in Neuropsychological principles
  • Interview and subjective data gathering
  • QEEG assessment “brain scan”
  • Treatment Recommendations


  • Full Neuropsychological Testing
  • Neurofeedback

What can you expect?

Participation in this program:

  • 3 hour objective testing
  • Plus, 1 hour interview with Dr. Jansons for intake and results
  • 1 week turnaround of written report
  • Immediate appointments available
  • Testing may be billable to your insurance. Dr. Jansons is in network with BCBS and Medicare.


Brianna Van Zanten, BA Cognitive Science and Psychology

Program Administrator


  • Brianna will organize your case, administer objective tests, and gather data to support the clinical report and findings.
  • How can you make an appointment?

Phone or email our office:

  • (224)636-6333
  • brianna@drlaurajansons.com
  • or complete the form below


Laura Jansons, Psy.D.

Board Certified Neuropsychologist


  • Dr. Jansons has extensive experience including specialized training in neuropsychology and meets the rigorous board requirements for assessing neuro-behavioral conditions.
  • She is published with and trained under the international expert, Dr. Leonard Koziol who has vastly contributed to the most recent understanding of ADHD in the field of neuropsychology.

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